HHV Artist Feature: Kaboom Atomic

Interviewed by: @CopaseticSoulz

With Kaboom Atomic you can always count on a brilliantly unique performance, he is an entertainer in every sense of the word. Putting in work over the last decade representing Vancouver and collaborating with some of Canada’s most prolific artists, he’s compiled an impressive and substantial resume. His talent isn’t limited to rap either, as he sings, acts and brings his audience the best of himself through all kinds of artistic mediums to give you a taste of his incisive wit and perceptive, honest vision. As a stand up comedian he hosts the comedy show ‘Yo! Vancity Laughs’ with Billy Botox (the duo make up the ‘Game Genies’) at YukYuk’s and recently released the full length album ‘Drastic Pleasures’.

You and DJ Moves released a fun 5 song EP collaboration in January, you two have worked together for a long time, can you tell us a little about how this particular project came together?

Moves and I have been boys for about 12 years. My high school rap group “ink operated” was brought to him fresh out of high school by ‘Birdapres’ after ripping bars on a cjsf (sfu) radio show with then host, Needle Kineval. Moves was the first person we recorded with outside of rapping in to a karaoke machine with a tape deck. Epedemic and I went down to north van where he lived at the time with pop group “Len”. We recorded “Opposite Angles” with Bird on the album alleged legends.

This was back in 2001 when having a computer was a luxury. We recorded that and our entire first record “ink operated presents” on a Yamaha 8 track that used md8 disks (minidisc). Because there were 4 rappers, and Dj Wundrkut, we would have to bounce tracks in to each other. The way we did that is sample bounces of entire verses (with back ups) in to an mpc3000, set the samples to “trigger” and record on a free track on the md8… BY TIMING IT JUST RIGHT.
Mahr fuckahs got it easy nowadays.

(Sp) This ep is a combined effort of songs we’ve done in the past and new tracks we worked on since he moved back to Hali. Should be more on the horizon.

Very nice, lookin’ forward to it. You followed up the ‘Kaboom and Moves EP’ with your newest album ‘Drastic Pleasures’, what kind of experience can audiences expect from this project? How is it different from the other albums you’ve released?

I consider Drastic Pleasures an appetizer plate. It is a combined effort of producers I’ve worked with various feels. Some songs never had a home but are too important to shelter from people. The songs are different types of Kaboom that I want to introduce people to for future projects. Some songs have a bit of a pop feel with an edge others are just me and a guitar. A lot of time by myself and these producers such as Zachary Webb, Aalo Guha and Dj Moves went into each track. I hope to diversify and elaborate on each taste with full projects committed to corresponding sounds.

You’ve been doing work with Billy Botox as the rap comedy duo Game Genies, what inspired this foray into blending music with comedy?

Billy and I have been acting and rapping for quite a while. We were looking to combine our powers to address something very disturbing about hip hop culture.
The popularity of gangster rap has created an anomaly in the development of human life. Through the music certain walks of life have created a duality
within themselves externalizing an unnecessary hardened shell, when in reality they are soft, over-privileged, silver spoon fed cul-de-sac parasites. Lobsters. They’re rap lobsters and this project hopefully exposes that mentality for what it really is. Very, very silly.

I’ve been to the Yo! Vancity Laughs! event hosted by the Game Genies and I can honestly say, it was a great show, but the Game Genies were the highlight of the night. How did you get involved in this show, and why should people check it out?

Hey thanks! Our gimmick is pretty entertaining, but the stand ups are incredible… We don’t go shy of booking Vancouver’s best comedians. And they relish in the opportunity to spit hot joke fire at hip hop. It’s pretty funny to watch, and you rarely get a chance as a stand up to talk about something as specific and as interesting as rap music.

We had done a few shows as game genies and had some great locals to vouch for our credibility. We’ve placed in some contests and made some contacts through being NICE PEOPLE… We put a lot of time in to our videos so when people see that, they know we are capable of putting on big productions. We brought the idea to yuk yuks, they decided to give us a shot. Simple as that!

You’ve been in the Vancouver hiphop scene for a long minute now and have seen the rise and fall of it’s many artists first hand, what is the most striking change you’ve noticed over the years?

Not much. And that’s the problem. One thing that hasn’t changed is Canada’s ongoing, pussy footing lack of support. There’s untapped talent here forced to make their own opportunities and sacrifices. We have no middlemen, organizations or representatives that are doing anymore than crowding your twitter feed with bullshit. Another thing that hasn’t changed is complaints about these things. Our market and how we release music (for free) has changed. Everything changes and Canada stays safe. Label reps aren’t keeping up with what’s good globally so they end up behind dwelling on the success of old Canadians like savage garden or something… If Canada had a ground-breaking and supportive attitude toward its urban talent; we would have shown the world that we are FILLED with MACKLEMORES like 15 years ago.

Who are some of your favourite rappers from Vancouver, past and present?

In no particular order Birdapres, Chadio, Port Authority, Ill-legitimate (Especially Anonymouz), Dance Dance Revolution/The Heard, Snak The Ripper, Evil Ebeneezer, Moka Only, Tapwater (Azrael/Aspire), Son Real. I know there are tons of people I’m missing. I like different artists for different things. I hope this doesn’t turn in to a thing…

What’s the most difficult obstacle you face as an artist in Vancouver?

The biggest difficulty is communication with audiences. There isn’t really a following, because shows aren’t really based on their entertainment value and people don’t really like to party to local acts. They want a DJ to play Drake. HOWEVER, in saying that, obstacles in VANCOUVER shouldn’t limit an artist. We live in an international market and if our internet game is sharp, anything can happen!

What are your plans for the future?

– 3 videos for Drastic pleasures
– Kaboom Atomic LP “Nuclear” with Planit from Calgary.
– The works EP (http://www.soundcloud.com/givemetheworks)
– Sell and Tour

As per usual, you are putting in work and your love for the art shines through it, much respect and thanks for talking with us

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