Lil Debbie at Fortune

Lil’ Debbie lights up Fortune Sound Club

Words By: Sean Haskell
Photos By: Noah Herzog

Vancouver, B.C. – Last night Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club had the privilege of hosting one of Oakland California’s finest exports: Lil Debbie. Despite being billed as an early show Lil Debbie didn’t take the stage until almost midnight, a good hour after the show was scheduled to end. There were no complaints though. By then Fortune was filled to the brim with people of all stripes raring to see Queen D – local female artists Baby C and Horsepowar did a great job keeping the crowd warmed up for her arrival.


And arrive she did! Coming in with her hit song “Squirt” Lil’ Debbie had the crowd swaying straight out the gate. Once the first song was finished Debbie made a point of sharing her favorite features of Vancouver. According to her, VanCity is possessed of fine weed and fine women. Considering the turnout of beautiful ladies and king-sized joints at the show (both making it onstage to the tune of “Bitches”) I doubt anyone would refute that claim.

Lil Debbie Vancouver
Lil Debbie Vancouver

The only hitch occurred when one disrespectful audience member saw fit to throw trash at our out-of- town guest. Fortunately being the world-renown bad bitch she is, Debbie was unfazed, stopping only briefly to berate the idiot before carrying on with her set. Despite her late arrival Lil’ Debbie played a comfortably full set and gave Vancouver all of her love (despite the odd trash-throwing dipstick). As she closed with “Ratchets” Lil’ Debbie invited dozens of audience members to the stage to the point where it was hard to tell where the floor ended and the stage began! Suddenly what was already a surprisingly intimate show became even more involving.

In short, Lil’ Debbie is for real. She’s got the professionalism, the style and the no-bullshit attitude that can’t be stepped on. Looking forward to seeing her in VanCity again!

Big shouts to Blueprint Events!



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  1. For Sean, since he likes to attack and block. Thereby ensuring he learns nothing from his actions and never has to change his behaviour:

    Wow! How awesome for you! You got to take your bro-dude arrogant show to another country on someone else’s dime! While you’re on your self-absorbed appropriation tour desperately trying to use their culture to make up for you lack of one, you should try adopting some Japanese humility and discipline.

    An enlightened, improved being doesn’t VERBALLY ABUSE A (SO CALLED) FRIEND just to PROVE their superiority EH 😂

    Congratulations! You’re so colonized and conditioned you think I care about the opinion of the human equivalent of a “me and boys” meme. The only whole you have is the ones in your head from doing all that coke. Good riddance. Like Vancouver and Toronto, (and now Tokyo) no one cares.


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