Janette King

Janette King – You Don’t Love Me

Director: Janette King Filmed by: Evan Jonston, Austin Wrinch, Jason Lopes Edited by Evan Jonston Producer: Jonny Tobin Dancers: Samm Reid , Fly Lady Di (Diana Reyes) Concept Contributors: Rupert Common, Maryse Bernard and Sarah Armiento Staring: Solomon Krause-Imlach, Rupert Common, Shemar Gordon, Patrick Watson, Sharon Hinds, Peggy Hogan, Se’lah, Uzoma Ezeyi, Maryse Bernard

Checkmate Concise

Checkmate x Concise – Thriller Pack

This is the first video off the untitled project produced by hAZEL from Checkmate & Concise…shot in the Gastown/ Hastings district of Vancouver, spring 2021. Filmed and edited by Davane from Elysium Creative.