Join our crew to do the 2 step..

Crewnexx (ft. Mizzy, Jakub Evolved, Kelvin & Day Day)
Produced by Jeremy Parkin
Mixed by Jeremy Parkin
Mastered by Kelvin
Video by Leah Dean Cohen

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2ViSbTxvKmMG5o233s0cEv?si=ABpg21NTQzKfFTItphkXnw
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/crewnexx/1446826133?i=1446826214

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I be letting loose now/
Just a boozehound, humpin on your leg but don’t be stepping on my shoes now
Chewed out
Acting a fool how ya chomping on ya lips cuz thats your brains just tryna cool down
Too proud, too out of control
One eye stay open while puffin the blunt slow
Drunk Dippin dumb don’t/ run lips they slunk though
swerve every turn, let me slur out my love notes
La di da di, keep popping back the molly
My eyes be looking droopy and the JD got me sloppy
Ugh You know I get like that
Losing my head, I’m glad my body’s attached
The sauce got me godly until I wake up
Washed up and hobbling, I’m wearing my crutch
Who knew I’d be stopping because I found love
Wont trade my goddess for some ratchet slut

Flexing on you bitches like I’m hugh hef
I’m the dude, you don’t know what I do next
How you not keep up I just two step
Sweater with no hoodie, my crew next
My crew next, crew next
Ain’t no telling what I do next
We two step, two step
Flexing on you bitches, Hugh hef

. . Now lemme tell you sumn.
I see mother fuckers out here really really frontin.
I be on my kanye west shit. you cant tell me nothin.
Continue sippin til the morning when my head is bumpin.
Stay faded til morning after. Please dont tell me what happened.
Dont you turn on that camera. And make me go see the pastor.
Had world in my hands like atlas when sippin out of my chalice.
Your baby mama catch feelings when we step into your palace. Woah.
God’s comin, but yall can’t
Comprehend what that summon. keep yall jibbs runnin.
Put that lamb blood over your door now may be lucky.
Wont you step into the crowd and get among the ruckus.
Pass the lighter I get cast to the fire.
Yall babies need a pacifier you hasta get higher.
As for me n mine i dine in hell with you vipers.
How you supposed to come down with no pilot?

(Day day)
wait a minute, HOL UP, the room is spinnin,
tonight my life is a thriller, my liver’s the victim, non-fiction.
i can deliver whatever u missin,
we got the good, the suug, for all of you bitches. HA

ay dios mio, i’m sinnin and binggin,
i’m hardly a christian, i’m back here smokin an sippin,
so raise the partition, battling physics, and basic logistics
and if i’m disturbing the peace, best believe its a conjugal visit
i cut her deep, uh! she need some stitches or she say she can manage,
in that case my ego may need a bandage.
but i could fashion my fashionable ass has it, you haven’t
had the advantage of kissing my asset, bastards
ya’ll wanna see some magic? here watch this 60 disappear into my stomach lining, i think its perfect timin
see i cant read a room, but id be damned if i cant read the climate
its hot as hell with some holy on it, lordy

The Committee – Holy Sock Gang (Kelvin, Jakub Evolved, Munro)

Vocal Performances by Kelvin, Jakub Evolved and Munro.
Music Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Kelvin of 4am Styles.
Shot and edited by Leah Dean Cohen of Elle See Visuals.
Directed by Jakub Evolved.
Starring Chelsea Hartwick, Andriy Gaydukov, Aleksey Bogomolov & Steve Michell.
Video Produced by Holy Sock Gang, Elle See Visuals and Stories Beach Productions.
With special thanks to Geordie Joseph, Mizzy and Ujjy for all their assistance along the way.

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”