Official music video for songs “JETPACK” and “ONE STEP 4 YELLA KIND” off of the BLUE SAGA series.

“Scopeman awakens with the help of rap music being pumped into his mind through cables and electronic equipment.”

Vancouver based creator Gerry Sung known as Scope G (rapper/producer) debuts his first official self-directed music video funded by Creative BC. Being in Asian Hip-Hop and building the Vancouver international scene through underground shows in 2019, there has been a vital need for representation, and Scope is on a path to bring forth a vision for the new Asian Canadian generation. His sci-fi Bladerunner / Ghost in the Shell aesthetic will prove to make a dominant mark globally.

The video of SCOPEMAN BLUE SAGA is a medley of two short songs in which Scope performs energetically with glitches and mechanical head nods.
The visual serves as a forecast into the future of man and machine integrating into one — just like his audio and visuals.

Director: Gerry Sung
Co-Director / DOP: Brian Cheung
1st Assistant Director: Chris Lam
1st Assistant Camera: Glenn Somera
BTS Photographer: Chris Cho
Key Grip / PA: Ross Sheppard
Stylist / Set Dec: Pauline Fan
Special FX: Dallas Harvey / Alisha Schmitt
Post Production: Evoke Digital Cinema

Supported by: Creative BC

Special Thanks:
Fortune Sound Club
Roden Gray
Kris Blade

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