Kimmortal – Sad Femme Club

In the summer of 2018, we filmed this music video in an east van boxing club. i never ended up putting it out because we got funding to do a bigger budget film. but this is truly the gem film cos well look at this natural fam magic. …So much has changed since this summer day 2 years ago, but we still stay fierce and resilient.
also in this is my friend @sacred.spirit.ink who leads me in an ink ceremony tattooing the symbol of a bird on my writing/drawing hand.
Give big Props to: fierce filipina femme
@k_zalazar who directed filmed and edited the whole film!
@sachuh for doing my makeup art!
@vnssawbstr for painting the blocks!
@micajieuosovelasco for providing the filipino food!
and last but not least thank you to those that came out to this filming.
gonna try to list you all here: @kayaniet0 @lolooldhead
@missyd_femcee @jbthefirstlady
@moody_little_me @_nikisilva_ @ayex @takaiya.blaney @ellenaneel @asomerajr @goldenfeatherfemme
@eme_liketheaward @anjaliapp @bsantosarts @royaltravesty

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