Gastown: A history of Rap Battles in Vancity

Two years ago we were building the greatest rap battle event in Vancouver history. Superstars like Daylyt, Uno Lavoz, Cadalack Ron and more were coming in from all over. “Gastown” was poised to be the mega event that would change battlerap in Vancouver forever.

It was a wreck…


Caddy, Day and Uno didn’t make it. Ape Yola vs Po Rich was an amazing battle but the footage was corrupted. Our image failed to live up to everything Vancouver has been striving to achieve: validation as competitive division. The world missed out on potential classics from Fingaz, Sketch, Ape and Cody. The west was robbed of our big shot. It was a brutal blow to the whole division.

A lot can happen in two years and in many ways Gastown was the catalyst to our transformation. The focus shifted inward to our young prospects and developing battlers in the region. The dynamic management team of La Sparka and Willie B started expanding our division to the interior, to Washington and to northern Alberta.

Battlers made names for themselves as the division grew larger and genuine characters started emerging from our scene. Illipsis with his incredible viral performance against Isaac Knox at World Domination 5. Lil G who went from making classics in the bottom tier to battling Dizaster in one of the highest viewed Vancouver battles ever. Battlers like Patch, who is known for his ultra aggressive style and ruthless approach, The Ginger Bred Man who captivates a venue with his spectacular wordplay, even long time veteran and fan favourite Cody the Catch has returned to the ring.

2 years later and here we are again, only this time things are a little different. This time we booked battlers who we know will show up. This time the Northwest will not be denied our opportunity. We are going to prove to the world that Vancouver not only competes against the best, but can chop some heads off in the process.

This is the event. These are the battles that will define our city for years to come. Be there to witness history on Saturday June 18th at Fortune Sound Club. Gastown 2.

Doors open at 4pm, battles start at 5pm. Follow KOTD Vancity on IG.

PPV info coming soon!

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