NWD Presents: Strictly Cypher Vol. 4

A Night Dedicated to the Art of Rhyme: STRICTLY CYPHER
Hosted by: Junk from NWD
Every second Thursday starting Feb 20th Vol. 1

Join us next time!
For more info: http://tinyurl.com/oz8xutv

Presented by: Household Records, Northwest Division, Hip Hop Canada, Cariboo Brewing, and Cartems Donuterie

Artists Featuring: Ayetown, Funeral Nick, Insightful, Internal, Junk (from NWD), Noble Alexander, Red Eye Fly, Rupert Common, Saffar, Strazdine, TYclone Warmington, The Nameless One (AKA Still I Rize AKA Rishi Brar), Darrell Arthur Medina, Omar-Inertia
+ more

Filmed by Sage Watson, and Thomas Nijdam
Edited by Thomas Nijdam

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