HHV Recap | Devin The Dude @ Fortune – MAY 8

Words & Shots By: Brendan Lee

Thursday, May 8 2014 – It’s not too difficult to tell you’re at a Devin the Dude show. The room is hazy with a sweet aroma, and the good vibes are plentiful. The H-Town native, known largely for his role on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001, graced the stage at Fortune for the second time in three months in support of his Buds and Suds Tour. How could he not be back? He loves the weed and everyone knows Vancity does it best.


He took to the stage with a glowing remote spaceship and proceeded to have some fun flying it around the packed club for a minute, with some degree of serious skills as a toy chopper pilot. Perhaps it was a tactic to somber the amped crowd from a more agressive set from opener Berner or just cause he’s a fly dood.

He played some classic joints and even went into a short performance of Fuck You off 2001. The highlights had to be the smokin anthem Doobie Ashtray and the inspirational Anythang. He is a really humble, positive guy and his performance is reflective of this, as you can tell he genuinely appreciates being able to perform for his fans. Check him out next time if you missed this one and peep the shots below.

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