Brass Tackz – 10 Year Anniversary (Digitally Remastered)

Back in 2010 HHV spent a day with Brass Tackz at our studio and at the Center of Gravity Festival in Kelowna. Some of the footage has found it’s way into this new trailer for the digitally remastered 10 Year release! STREAM THE FULL ALBUM HERE: http://hyperurl.co/byt4ak Happy Halloween!

Snak the Ripper – All Out ft. Rittz (Off The Rails 08/16/18)

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Directed by Stuey Kubrick
Produced by C-Lance
Engineered by Jamie Kuse
Additional Guitars by Aaron Hiltz & John Ellis
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Snak The Ripper – Real Drugs (Official Video)

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Directed by Stuey Kubrick @StueyKubrick
Produced by C-Lance @C_lance_
Mixed & Mastered by Jamie Kuse @JamieKuse
Scratches by D-Rec @CrateCrusader
VFX: Steven Davies

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Verse 1:
If they don’t hate me by now, they’ll consider it soon,
his is accumulated knowledge that I’m givin to you,
Your girl probably wanna blow me like didgeridoo,
birthing rappers like this booth is a delivery room,
My liver consumes, only hard liquor and booze,
Don’t compare my fuckin tunes to these illiterate goons,
sound like they took a can of paint and start sniffing the fumes,
if life’s a bitch I’m lickin her poon, while trippin on shrooms,
Fuck you and your auto tune I’m hittin every note,
probably got a stash of drugs and money hidden in my coat,
pull a knife out in the cypher and I’m slitting every throat,
I’m the goat, who the fuck are you? You’re a fucking joke,
I’m the man, got a couple hundred grand in a safe,
plant a seed for my seed while I plan my escape,
yo my shit is always slappin like a hand to the face,
so I’ll flatten anybody trying to stand in my place,

Real drugs, yeah, they searching for some real drugs, something to set your mind free, Real drugs, they searching for some real drugs, I got just what you need baby!

Verse 2:
This shit is real ain’t gotta fake it to make it,
smokin weed like a Jamaican while I’m laying here naked,
they see us caking they can barely take it,
wrap my hands around your neck and fuckin squeeze till I break it,
I’m blowing up like an ISIS official,
this a hydrogen bomb, I’m Kim Jong with a missile,
fuck a label, signed myself, and now my income is triple,
drinking two percent milk straight out your step mommas nipple,
Roll up to your spot and Turn your house into a crime scene,
You couldn’t see me even with ya fuckin high beams,
burn ya eye like I just put tabasco in your Visine,
kid ain’t very clean, I’m an bastard with no hygiene,
I got that type of shit you want to get your hands on,
see me out you window staring at you with no pants on,
they tried to plan around me but they fuckin planned wrong,
I’m just trying to fill you pussies in like a tampon

Real drugs, yeah, they searching for some real drugs, something to set your mind free, Real drugs, they searching for some real drugs, I got just what you need baby!
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