Emotionz – Life ain’t as simple

Written/performed by: Emotionz Video by: Leah Dean Cohen @Leahdeancohen Produced by: Baptiste Hayden @HaydenBaptiste Label: Wandering Worx Records @Wanderingworxrecords Mixed by: Dannie Wormwood @Dannie_Wormwood Mastered by: The Stuntman @suitesoundlabs Recorded by: Rozmo @RozRaps Cover art: Reza @Rezavoirdogs Guest appearances by: Prevail, Kapok and INKSPILL

Alpha Omega – Prevail and Neph Interview (Part III)

In Part 3 (and final segment) of our conversation with Prevail and Neph (Alpha Omega), we discuss Prevail’s current relationship with Tre Nyce and his thoughts on Tre’s diss record ‘#SADCHILD’, if Prevail supports a KOTD battle between Madchild and Snak The Ripper, the art form of battle rap and if Prevail himself would ever battle in KOTD and if the beef between Madchild and Snak is good for the Vancouver hip hop scene.

Alpha Omega – ‘The Concept EP’ is now out – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/alphaomega2

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Hosted/Produced by: John Zee
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Filmed/Produced by: @hiphopvancouver