WAKA FLOCKA FLAME with Dkay, Money Hungry, Juvi Dizzle and Re Up DJS

Live review: WAKA FLOCKA FLAME with Dkay, Money Hungry, Juvi Dizzle and Re Up DJS
Location: Venue
Promoter: Blueprint Events
Words & Photos By: Noah Herzog

If you were above and beyond turnt up on Thursday April 9th, then you were at the Waka Flocka Flame concert and if you weren’t, then you probably should have been. The hype rapper from Atlanta, Georgia has been known to put on crazy live shows and Vancouver definitely got a taste of that. Performing hit songs such as “No Hands”, “Hard In The Paint” and “Groove St Party”, he had the Venue packed and ready to party.

Opening acts Dkay, Money Hungry and Juvi Dizzle all put on a solid set. These local artists have been putting in work in the live scene lately, so shout out to them and all the energy they brought on Thursday. By 12:00 there was enough people for Juvi Dizzle to comfortably go crowd surfing, and the night was off to a good start. Re Up Dj’s kept the place jumping until it was time for the Atlanta rapper to hit the stage.

juvi Dizzle

Opening with his hit song “Hard In The Paint”, Waka Flocka instantly turned the energy up a notch… Or 50… Seeing him live in concert is exactly what his music sounds like. Hype as fuck, simple as that. It really isn’t just a performance with him, its a party and he includes everybody. Pouring champagne on the crowd and pulling a few fans on stage is common at most concerts. However, Waka Flocka was about to take that to a whole new level, and it definitely highlighted the night.

waka vancouver

Pulling a few fans on stage quickly turned into 30 and once the stage was too packed, Waka Flocka proceeded to enter the audience for what seemed to be almost half the show. Jumping around the club and turning up with the fans made it feel like everyone got a meet and greet. It was crazy to see an artist so interactive with everyone and by that point, it was hard to judge any sound quality or lyrics missed.

Performing in Vancouver was not a first for Waka Flocka, and I know it won’t be the last. There is a high demand for a good time, and he always holds it down. I look forward to his return next year and i know the fans do to. Thank you Waka Flocka!

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