Tiago Vasquez Music – New Views (Video)

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It’s a brand new day
sitting outside my porch giving life a brand new view
I’m not drowning away wasting away thinking about you
it’s a brand new day
and I am wasting it for nothing I’m a come up Shorty
I’m a come up Shorty


know why am saying life is perfect but somehow the stars align
I don’t waste it on my minutes then I was granted some time
to be flex pay my debts get back good with my first set and yeah
it feels good to say that I got the check
life is the test I guess my GPA ain’t far from good
moving up in World a good job and the girl
as deep in the streets and a freak in the sheets
classy little mama rock in Freddys
yeah I’m talking rosy cheeks
I could dream about a white picket fence
I could dream buy more so I could be content
I could dream about the things I don’t have
long as the bills are paid we live in bedded days



This world needs me I can feel it
You can hear it in my lyrics
if you feel me then ride with me
if you didn’t know I’m a make it easy for you
rip and shows the sun no I was destined to perform
make your move to my flow I go to the building love is what I’m preaching young and old living life for the better sunny days even through the worst of whether I’m a persevere
will in my hand now I know where to steer
pass was foggy then now I see it’s clear
nothing holding me back today I faced my fear
love my sons watch them grow hold back my tears
thinking every move I made to bring me here
friends of them I left behind
hugs and kisses say goodbye
Then I knew it was my time
leave it all the life of crime
just to see another day another smile a better way
it’s a brand new day


Thank you to everybody that was involved with this project!!

Written By Santiago Vasquez
Produced By Oliver Garett aka Bugatti Beatz
Filmed and Edited by Open Aperture Photography
Published by Cooked Records Inc.

Cooked Records Feed The Soul

Copyright 2018

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