Tee Locasone – Atlantis (Music Video)

Directed by: Kevin Wong | Self Hired
Cinematography by: Eric James & Kevin Wong
Prod. Assistance by: Kevin Han & Val Artamonov
Edited by: Kevin Wong
Produced by: Ric & Thadeus
Mixed by: Jamie Kuse

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plus i keep a 9 in my glove compartment
everywhere i go boys love to start shit

all my life all my life
muthafuckas doubted me all my life
i had monsters hauntin me all my life
she stayed by my side
she ride with me all my life
she wetter then atlantis
adderall and white wine
never officially in a relationship as for relations
me and her had some wild times

all this fake luv in your face
wear my heart like war paint
i refuse to be anything but myself
catfishin poor taste
word to anthony bourdain
i got savages in north face
they sharpshoot in 4k
she hold me down she keeps me myself
most these clowns aint worth a court date
more money more hate
that fuck shit aint my forte
mouth got no edit
if i said i meant it
respect it or check it
give a fuck bout wats trendin
fuck the web my check only thing care wats netted
addys zannys n unleaded
i couldnt say where my head is
feds takin pics like the squad photogenic
they gave me cold shoulders now i got em sweating


she wetter then atlantis
lately i been bout mine
baby i been up way up way up
i could use some downtime
my ride or die
she hold me down thru peace & war
my ride or die
in this cold world she keep me warm

they beefin n my dms
i dont let it get to me
if l dont know em personally
i dont even reply
put a addy up wen u addressin me
still in deez streets fuck my enemies
no more champagne back to hennessy
same bros id die for last year now dead to me
gtf tell my mom her son in jeapordy
mama was panickin
had real killers after him
that aint the half of it
average life wasnt adequate
had me back & fourth wit dem birdies like badminton
Got Dem 30s wit da magic stick
teachers say we lack respect we aint lackin shit
aint no wastemonz but my bros in waste management
PTI fuck all u analysts
here its unanomys
i dont even show up to any more practices
who lent a hand wen i aint have a grip
now i got the juice and da sauce wit no additives
salty shit cancerous
the baddest bitch always bad for biz
she call me tryna get saved try an ambulance
dez assholes aint wit da shits they just flagalence
i might po out sum baby powder n slap a bitch
might pull up just when u least expect it now
schoolbag full of books like im teaching lessons now
back from the dead i need my vengeance now
certified in the v dont even question now
lock down a bag is the key objective now
no bitches in my circle dont mean im sexist now
whos got u pumped up whos got even flexin now
i feel bad for whoever is investing now
old haters on my ig requestin now
pussies went sour got em yeast infected now
cant afford to pay ur phone bill n u speakin reckless now
trigger happy rapper wouldnt squeeze a lemon now
got a ride or die cuz i need affection now
through my darkest times she held me down


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