Snoop at The Malkin Bowl Aug 28th

Written By: Michelle Swami

Despite the fact the Malkin Bowl is an outdoor venue, on this Thursday night it felt like a hotbox. DJ Physik warmed up the crowd up, playing hits by Tupac and Biggie as marijuana smoke filled the air on this Thursday evening.

Only 3 minutes late, a rarity for a hip hop show, Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion) emerged to the gleeful audience. Everyone was primed and judging by the ubiquitous smell of marijuana, ready for the recently converted Rastifarian. Snoop Lion was in full effect as he starts things off with the mellow, Major Lazer produced, ‘Here Comes the King’. Snoop was surrounded by beautiful, dancing women as he sangs and kept the crowd mellow. With only one album as Snoop Lion, that vibe ended quickly with the intro to ‘Serial Killa’.

Snoop Dogg’s career spans 21+ years and there was little doubt his whole set would be hit-laden. In addition to a successful solo career, a lot of his biggest records have been features on other artists tracks. With help from Tha Doggpound (Daz, Kurupt and Soopafly) every era was covered. From old school joints like ‘Tha Shiznit’ and ‘Gin & Juice’, to hits like ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ and newer songs like ‘Lighters Up’. Fans were treated with everything from a Chronic 2001 medley to ‘California Gurls’. Between all the hits, Snoop still had time in his set to do some covers and tributes. It included a tribute to Nortorious B.I.G., which he started with a chant of ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘East Coast’ into a cover of ‘Hypnotize’. He followed up with a cover of Tupac’s ‘2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted’.

Snoop kept his composure as he puffed a few blunts of Vancouver’s finest while beautiful women danced around him, taking turns giving him lap dances. At 41 years of age, Snoop is looking good and still has that pimp quality to him. He was dressed in a loose fitting football jersey and covered in diamonds, from his necklace to his microphone. Tha Doggpound and Old Uncle Junebug, his 76 year old baby sitter were smoking on that sticky icky while keeping the crowd on their feet.

The crowd was loving every minute of the show and most responsive to his older classics. Most knowing every word and rapping along to Snoop’s laid flow. After a successful crowd sing-along to ‘What’s My Name’, Snoop goes into his collaboration, ‘Young, Wild and Free’ with Wiz Khalifa, whom many people call the young Snoop Dogg. “”Smoke weed motherfuckers”” Snoop announces before leaving the stage in a cloud of smoke.

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