Snak The Ripper – Assisted Suicide (Madchild Diss)

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Directed & Edited by Snak The Ripper
Produced by C-Lance
Mixed & Mastered by Jamie Kuse

First off let me say I ain’t doing this for publicity, listen to me, Let me give these fans a little history,
This faggot Madchild, thought it was smart to start dissin me, you just stepped in a puddle, I’m a spark of electricity
It ain’t a mystery, the guy is a snake, tellin your fans that you ain’t high but that’s entirely fake,
I hear the same shit from show promoters all of the time, how you beggin em for blow so you can cut another line,
Doing drugs is just fine but you portray a facad, that you were strong enough to quit, but what you claiming is fraud,
Go delete another tweet and start prayin to god, cause if I see you in the street I’m dislocating your jaw,
I feel bad for moke and prev, what the fuck did you do? Wake up one day and decide to fuck over your crew,
I got respect for my elders, but you’re an old cunt, that deserves to get punched right outta ya gold fronts,
Hair plugs, Botox, man shits priceless, you drive a car you can’t afford, midlife crisis,
You fuck groupies too young to get their license, I’m the reason that you fled Canada, I’m Isis,
He’s got early Alzheimer’s, just sad and alone, he can’t remember any lyrics so he’s grabbin his phone,
You’re feminine, but even worse now your cover is blown, with your Louis Vuitton purse and Italian cologne,
I can’t stand mother fuckers like you, douche bag little man syndrome like you got something to prove,
Your nothing to nobody, just a biter and goof, fourty five acting like you at the height of your youth,
I know some of these battle axe kids feeling the same, you don’t do nothing in return, you just steal from em Shane,
You think you’re like me but we ain’t nothing the same, you take advantage of your family for a buck and some change,
All of the people you did wrong, the money you owe, next time you’re in my fuckin city ima come to the show,
You made another bad desision now you callin to apologize, this ain’t a battle rap this qualifies as fuckin homicide,
You mad cause I get more shine than a solarium, any rapper in your camp talkin shit I’ll bury em,
Dont want no beef with me dog, you vegetarian, I’ll cut your head off quick and put your skull in my aquarium,
Ain’t trying to hold back, it’s a known fact, you asked me to be on your album and I bodied you on your own track,
I hear you yappin but ya shits weak, say my name again I’ll leave you float face down in shits creek,
I’m more dangerous alone then rollin six deep, you fucked up and now I’m bout to turn you into minced meat,
Any diss you plannin man, I already said it, you’ll start to regret it, you ain’t shit, your bars are pathetic, faggot.

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