Rozmo x Kapok x Sythe – I MIGHT

Featuring Rozmo and Kapok
Produced by Sythe
Mixed by Pete Kid Lithium
Intro by Sauce

A Film by Leah Dean Cohen
An Elle See Films production

In London during prohibition the Italian mob retains control over the city and its trade but a small gang of Irish bruisers are slowly gaining more territory. Their leader (Rozmo) is on his way to confront the head of the Mob (Don Kapok) in a duel to the death. Is everything what it seems?

Special thanks to
Cast & Crew:
Costume – Katie Owen
Special effects – Michael Ryan Leinweber
Camera assistant – Andrea De La Paz
BTS & PS – Tia Walter

Irish Gangsters:
Trevar Fox
Geordie Joseph

Italian Gangsters:
Sea Jae
Dave Nelson (Emotionz)
Steve Schwartz

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