Prada West – “With Purpose” – Prod: Lewie Slugga

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Single/video by Prada West.
Prod: Lewie Slugga
Mix&Master: NATO http://www.7nato.com
I do this with purpose and I give truth to my people you’ll see me move to the surface with time eluding the evil that lingers close like chronic smoke I keep my distance from friends cuz 95 up outa 100 all be bitch in the end
and try to snake you or play you to take your place and betray you to dip and make a couple quick ones in this race that they slave you if you stop and think about it all these clockers sing about system got us by the balls and they just watch us sink and doubt us
Cuz it’s all about profits and they be calling the shots so get on top of stackin gwap before you fall in their pockets cuz see there’s very few elite believe me most are a secret they hide identities and cult together oath of the beast it’s
Nothin I condone no trust inside this dome I’m crushing rappers like I’m munchin out and puffin on a zone I’m killin the beat they’re feeling the beast I’m runnin the game and spilling the heat I’ll never give up and I’m making it all on my own a soldier at heart with the will to succeed
It’s all about your numbers these days and your presence online flossin hundreds G chains see that speaks in volumes and that times have changed so don’t wait to ball get your grind on mang
No wasting time….I’m taking what’s mine… no peace in my heart I speak on the dark when making a rhyme cuz that’s what I feel no love it’s real my heart it hurts but climb the hill I face the struggle stackin loot off bustin rhymes with much appeal

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