Panther Matumona – M.O.A.C “Meditating On A Comet”

Panther Matumona released the visuals to his single titled ‘Meditating on a Comet’. We caught up with him to discuss the record and the new projects he is working on!

Are we going to get a Panther solo project?

Yes absolutely, I am working on a new solo ep where I produced and wrote all the music. I know to some it seems like a while since I’ve released new material but thats because I took some time to hone my craft and really flesh out the Panther Matumona sound independent of the Supafly. In that time, I also built a solid fan base in the European trap and EDM scene working with artists like Snails, Apashe, Lektrique, and BTSM. This was a very different style than I was used to so I was glad to explore it while getting my solo sound to a place I was comfortable with.

Recently we saw a picture of you performing at a show in Russia. What was going on?

The photo is from a performance I did with Apashe of Kannibalen Records at Red Club in Moscow. Apashe and I had released a track with Odalisk called “No Twerk” roughly a year ago and it was featured on a Russian Television show similar to “So you think you can dance?”. At that point it became a hit out there and many dance crews made vines and instagrams under #no twerk

Panther Apashe
Panther Apashe

The dance crew from the TV show along with Warner Russia wanted to make a video for “No Twerk” and figured it would be better if we were there so they invited us out to shoot it at their studio. The day after the shoot we performed the song at Red Club with the dance crew as a surprise and it was very well received. The video should be out internationally in roughly 1 month.

How would you describe Montreal to someone from Vancouver that has never been there?

Montreal is in some ways very similar to Vancouver but in others very different, it feels like the two cities balance each other out. What Montreal lacks in nature it balances out in a vibrant nightlife. The French/English dynamic is much less scary than most Vancouverites think, and there is a huge population of Vancouverites living here. The one piece of advice I would give is if you have a minimal basis of discipline you can do well here, because with all the stuff that goes on here its really hard to stay home and be good. Because there are two languages being equally spoken out here there are many colorful characters and its very easy to end up communicating in a hybrid mix that most people understand. Yes, people do eat hella poutine… I was all up in it for a month then i had to slow down because combined with a very high alcohol availability, that terribly delicious dish can become a nightmare. I found that Montreal is musically more progressive than Vancouver because its closer to two major centers of entertainment but nothing about this city will beat a day at Stanley Park or Wreck Beach. And Habs fans dont hate the Canucks…they hate the Leafs Hah!

Who are some artists from Montreal that people should be checking for?

Some artists to look out for… this is always difficult… In terms of hip hop related new projects
I would say Robert Robert, Don Breezz, Grand Buda, Ryan Playground, Jei Bandit and the boys from Takers Gang (sorry if i forgot anyone)…

What else can we expect?

In the near future ill be releasing more new material including a new track im working on with THUGLI

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