Madchild and Crew Light Up Alexander Gastown

Kicking off his three month tour in his hometown, Machild hit the stage of Alexander Gastown with guests Demrick, Pimpton and Adlib. As the only other artist on the Battle Axe Records label and scoring a featured spot on two of Madchild’s new tracks on “Silver Tongue Devil”, Demrick brought his A-game to Vancouver and lit up the stage both with Madchild and in his own opening slot.

Demrick’s set was definitely a highlight of the show, slightly edging out Pimpton who was easily the most outrageous. Biting off a bit more than he could chew with all the booty shaking he invited onto the stage, he took a quick time-out from his set to smoke some weed . . . and calm the effects of the eye candy onstage.

Madchild hit the stage with the energy and attitude he’s famous for. He spun right into his set showing just how glad he was to be home and on tour again. Mixing some gems in from his other albums, like “Dickhead” which got the whole place poppin’, with new tracks from “Silver Tongue Devil” like “Jackal”, Madchild showed just how well he can spit it. It’s pretty clear from Mad’s own threads and those in the crowd that the BAXWAR family and accompanying merch don’t go unnoticed by the rapper as he grabbed a young BAXWAR supporter in the front row by the scruff of his neck and shook him vigorously leaving the dude dazed, stoked and most likely high-fiving himself on the inside. Urging the crowd to get louder and crazier, he spun through his set with ferocity, as on the beat in person as he was with Swollen Members and as he is on his solo albums. Stopping only to profusely thank the crowd for their support and presence, Madchild put on a show that was packed with a palpable energy and his signature swag leaving us to only hope he won’t wait too long before making another appearance in his hometown.

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