Kayden Crooks | Walk With Me Now

Vancouver, B.C.- Rapper Kayden Crooks just released his much anticipated video single, Walk With Me Now, from his upcoming EP, The Wine Tasting. The video was shot at Vancouver film school, and directed by up-and-coming director Devan Locke. The video tells a short story leading the viewer through a day in Crooks’ life. In his words, “I get up, I get to the music, and I go to sleep.” Music is Crooks’ life and he wants to share his passion with you.

Crooks’ 2014 surprise release, the 1994 mixtape, gained over 25,000 downloads and 27,000 streams on Datpiff. Crooks has three other critically acclaimed releases The Appitite (2014), 2013’s Written Violations Vol.1 and 2012’s Fames Kitchen (released under the Immortal Fame moniker). His hard won achievements have the hip hop community’s expectations of Crook’s third release, The Wine Tasting, running high.

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