Kapok – Strathcona Vibe

A time capsule of one of Vancouvers oldest and culturally rich neighbourhoods. Strathcona was more of a feeling than a place to grow up in. For that, it will always hold a special place in my heart, gentrified or not. A living museum of art and music, the diverse mix of friends and families growing together in a melting pot of dance and laughter forever replaying in my mind. Maclean park was the meeting place of hearts and childhood dreams almost more vivid and saturated than todays waking hours. A place filled with as much beauty and innocence as it was with despair and addiction. As I grew and as I grow now I look back fondly on the moments we were blessed with and the experiences gained in such a seemingly different time. On the border of false euphoria is the place where we learned to swim instead of drown in the rising tides, where some are still lost, waiting for a raft to lift their spirits. A heaven in my mind, maybe an illusion to some, a place where things were much simpler. To Strathcona with love.

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