Junk – Nothin’ Is Ok (Official Music Video)

2nd single off of my new upcoming album #AUDIOHEROIN

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/382iZHdMjKXI44HC0IwOSr?si=xn9aMDHgTz-QozeXKV5P8Q

Directed by: Bdice

Song: Nothin’ Is Ok
Produced by: Nigel Childs
Recorded: Creativ Studios
Mixed/Mastered: Jamie Kuse
Album: Junk – Audio Heroin
Junk Music © 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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They better show me some respect, especially to homies and to friends tryna to stop me and my shots like a goalie in his net only cuz they see me rolling in a Benz/ mad cuz I’m a week away from copping me a Rollie with my cheque? Never home always in a jet business overseas dough is kneaded loaves of the baguettes I’m a go and get some money on my phone and over text that’s the best that’s the best/ wanna buy a house for my momma somewhere south the Bahamas til they more jealous of me cuz I’m out getting dollars ain’t about any drama if you bring it to me though we getting loud with the choppers like bang/ dumbing down my shit so they do can fucking understand funny how your leg work can give someone the upper hand God damn/ came from making nothing to a grand now a leach will fuck with me cuz I got them rubber bands/ this ain’t funny man I ain’t Russell Brand they should call me Mayweather way I’m fucking with the money gang/ bought a couple clothes they was fitting on me nice, had some powder in ya nose you was sniffing on the white i don’t fuck with hoes give these bitches to my wife, people getting weird over pictures that i like let me give them some advice need to chill with that shit cuz isn’t really life,

Nothing is ok, k, every other mother fucker fake, fake, from the money that they make to the customary chain you ain’t slanging mary jane you is nothing but a motherfucking fake, I said nothing is OK
nothing is ok, k, you ain’t busting any AK never seen you hustle things you ain’t cutting up the ye y’all are nuttier than Ye said nothing is ok k

Just second letter of the alphabet yaself, think about it why you wanna be somebody else shit is weak as hell like ikea shelves or the CFL y’all don’t speak my language then I guess you must be ESL/ they wanna test me wanna f me wanna see me fail, but I’m like Gretzky and Messi I don’t see no L’s/ uh I’m from a different dimension you the opposite of real you like a bitch with extensions I would never snitch on a friendship rather go and do some time in prison correction and you the type to hide inside some witness protection/ pussy ass fake shit like Vince with the wrestling, Question, why you fucking faker than an A & R everybody hating on you and they hate way you are, better put a lid on that motherfucking fruity shit just like a mason jar crazy smart do for it 80 bars I don’t play no parts/
Van Gogh lend you my ear when I’m making art think outside the box like long walks in a nature park/ I’m different and the difference is by choice see when y’all fucked with 50 I was listening to Loyd if I was flipping any coins it was nickel it was Royce/ plus the other illest from Detroit/ now you see me chilling with my boys hitting liquor and the joints finning na fuck around on me then you bitches get destroyed/

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