ILL-Legitimate – Blunts & Whiskey (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“BLUNTS & WHISKEY” by ILL-LEGITIMATE, 5th single off “-Stitched-”

A mark of brotherhood is agelessess. That means that no matter how much time passes, to each other you act and remain the same age as when you met.

Shot back in 2015, when after picking up Riss and Butta at the airport we went back to Azzys. The Blunts and the whiskey comes out and so do the stories and the memories. This show, this album, that tour… you start catching up and the freestyles start. More blunts and more whiskey. That verse, that song… This song… Is 6 years old…

More memories to come. More Blunts & Whiskey.

Directed by Anonymouz
Edited by Filippo Soevv
Produced by Sythe
Mixed by Stroker De Luca
Mastered by Rob Bailey

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