David Strickland – Turtle Island Ft. JRDN x Spade x Supaman xArtson xWhitey Don

Turtle Island was released on my daughter’s seventh birthday on a rare numerical occasion (2/20/2020). I chose this date in her honour, it contains four 2s in it, which signifies strength, resolve, indicates empowered commitments, emotional stability and the fulfillment of sacred contracts. That significance rings true on the journey I took creating this song and album. Full Circle.

The song “a state of the union,” and commentary on life in 2020 on Turtle Island (a name many Indigenous People use referring to North America) for Indigenous, Afro-Indigenous and Africans, either stolen or of the diaspora. It comments on the increasing divide between the rich and the poor, and the injustices towards Indigenous people that continue to be hidden in plain sight, while they are marginalized. Turtle Island combines my musical influences, including traditional, dancehall & hip hop giving it a uniquely rich sound.

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