Hindu V – Money On My Mind

I got money on my mind, put it all up on the line
Chasin’ all this paper and I’m runnin’ outta time
Said I got money on my (roll up and smoke sumthin’)
I got money on my (pour up and drank sumthin’)

(Verse 1 : Hindu V)
See I got money all on my mind, ***** all on my plate
Bet if I pull up in that benz than these ***** ****** gon’ hate
I’m a surrey boy, dont worry boy I rep that **** properly
I know ****** pushin that white, I know ****** sellin’ them properties
It’s a cold world and you gotta be, ready for whatever **** a lottery,
Cuz aint no money being given just some money being taken
All I see is home invasions and them robberies (uh)
But thats life though, money cars woman and them nice clothes
So you can get up on your job grind till the sunrise
Or sit at home blamin’ all them white folks
But thats up to you and its up to me if you aint tryna do better dont **** with me
Cuz we bout big business label on the way I dont need to ***** ****** in my company
I wanna make it right, they say I’m wrong
So pray for me inshallah hai bhagwan

They say more money bring more problems
But cash rule everything around me
They say more money bring more problems
But cash rule everything around me


(Verse 2 : The Kid)
Fourth quarter I’m in this ***** double cup and my blunt is lit
Smoking orange and I aint passing *****
I’m a handsome ***** might tax your *****
Ask your girl you dont know about me that inked up ***** with a sag in his jeans
polo hooded looking fresh so clean
strap hangin’ out like **** who sees
Asian bitch rollin up that weed she look like money so the ***** I need
Tight ass with fat ****** half white mixed with Japanese
Bad ***** suck the **** in my jeans i’m a lazy still be on my lean
Stackin green I break bread with my team no smile ya my mug be mean
**** *** cat can’t wear no jeans she bust it open wind it on me
Bend it over so the ***** I see, bust it for me bust it for the team
Hold up let me sip my lean X2
Kush smoke while we deep throat, deuces up and hit the back door


(Verse 3 : Hindu V)
Its that Northwest Hindu always killin’ instrumentals
Poppin bottles twisting fingers blowing up out the rental
Y’aint know what I been through
Y’aint know what I mean
Y’aint know I’m with your main *****
Y’aint know what she seen
Im talking face down and that ass up off a molly she gassed up
Started to scream I put her face in the pillow and I hit that shit faster
I’m a rude boy, a bastard what you on I’m past that
I’m a fly boy when I die put them jewels all on my casket
My bass up and my blunt lit and my back to these haters
Never back down, I get back up and I’m back to that paper
This is Jeezy motivated, this is B.I.G inspired
Always reppin’ V-Town I’m Vancouver like the riots

released 28 July 2015
Artists : Hindu V / The Kid
Produced By : Cash Jordan Productions

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