HHV Recap – Warren G at Harbour Event Centre

Live Review: Warren G featuring Juvi Dizzle, Nick Thalari, Vicky Chand, Julian Asuncion with Dj’s Sid Smooth, Lance Prahalad, Jtraxx Jonathan, Rashad Rawkus.
Location: Harbour Event Centre

Words By: Noah Herzog
Photos By: Noah Herzog

On Saturday March 7th, Vancouver’s Harbour Event Centre opened at 10:00pm to host one of the dopest hip-hop shows in a long time. Legendary west coast rapper/producer Warren G hit the stage to bring back the Cali flow along with Juvi Dizzle, Nick Thalari, Vicky Chand and Julian Asuncion. Performing hits like “Regulate” and “Im Fly”, it was impossible for the all ages crowd to resist dancing and having a turn’t up time. Everybody from the gangsters to the parents showed up to witness their favourite classics live. It was quite the sight.

Juvi Dizzle Vancouver
Juvi Dizzle Vancouver

Juvi Dizzle hit the stage early and got the audience pumped with his stage presence. After seeing him perform a few times, it has become apparent that his routine is pretty flawless. Pulling girls up on stage and making them twerk quickly gets everybody interested. By the time he drops his track “Where The Weed At”, the fans are feeling pretty good. Being comfortable with your set is crucial when it comes to putting on a good show, and Juvi definitely has that down to a science.

After the last opening set, the DJ spun a bunch of West Coast tracks to get everyone hyped up for the headliner. During this time, fights were breaking out in the audience made up of a very diverse mix of people. The venue fell silent for Warren’s entrance until the moment he bust on to the stage to ‘This DJ’. Not one hit song was missed as he reached back to classics like ‘Ain’t No Fun’. The crowd was into the show and gave Warren a lot of Love.


About an hour in he took some time to chill and acknowledge the members of the audience who had birthdays that night by sparking a few massive joints. I don’t think there was a time during the entire show when there wasn’t one lit up and being passed around. By the second or third blunt rotation, it was time for the big hit. The intro to “Regulate” slowly crept in and with it, the place went nuts. With the legendary Nate Dog on the track, it was borderline errie and nearly impossible not to get the shivers when you heard his voice and saw Warren. The two artists contributed so much to hip-hop, and it was an unfortunate shame to not have Nate Dog alive and well to join Warren on the classic.

Near the end of the show a few in the audience mentioned to me that they thought Warren should have had more energy on stage. Usually, I would agree that it is an important part of any show. However, for this type of music there was no need. He played it right by keeping calm and staying authentic to the music style. Thanks for holding it down Warren G.

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