Evidence Interview (HIP HOP VANCOUVER)

HipHopVancouver sat down with Evidence (Dilated Peoples/Rhymesayers Records) to discuss Ev’s history in Vancouver, Canada and his longstanding relationship with Madchild and Swollen Members, his connections to Kanye West, becoming a solo artist & the current status of Dilated Peoples, no longer wanting to use the Weatherman theme in his albums anymore, an artists responsibility to self-promote themselves & more..

HHV: https://www.hiphopvancouver.com/
IG/FB/Twitter: @hiphopvancouver

Evidence: https://rhymesayers.com/artists/evidence
IG/FB/Twitter: @evidence

Producer/Host: John Zee @johnzee23
Cinematography: Ronan Considine @soundflashphotography
Edits: David Dalley @hiphopvancouver

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