DJ 151 – The New Vintage


DJ 151 aka Junior Bali has been a staple in the West Coast Hip Hop scene for 20 years and has unleashed his highly anticipated all original debut production album titled “The New Vintage” With all his experience playing for crowds, opening up for all his influences in the industry and being a well respected DJ in the hip hop market, producing a complete well rounded album came very naturally. He has rocked crowds with legends such as :
Nas, Too $hort, Ice T, Lil Jon, E40, Dogg Pound, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Mr. Cheeks, B-Real, Warren G, Jadakiss, Sean Paul and the list goes on..

“The New Vintage” was created to bring back the sounds that made us fall in love with hip hop. It boasts a roster of west coast veterans such as Kanabliss, Tre Nyce, Concise, Phixx Cravin’ Hydro, Trajikk and platinum certified legend Madchild, 151 also brought in some of the most talented up and coming artists with the likes of Queezi, Chrome Scorsese, Poetikx, Alite, Lexx Rockwell just to name a few….. To add some soul and vibes, Zukie Josepph and Rani Reddy provided some warm vocals and harmonies to the project.

One of the most anticipated songs on the album is titled “The Left Side” This song features 7 artists!!! It is a historical track with 6 of Vancity’s premiere MC’s dropping 8 hot bars each with a rugged hook laced by the dancehall reggae assassin Fiya Lion from Jamiaca! It is a first for Canadian west coast to have this many decorated artists together on one song and is sure to turn some heads!!!

The album will showcase diversity, originality and NO BS content…

The intro track “Game Over” shows where the state of hip hop has sadly come to. DJ 151 believes that hip hop needs to come back to its glory days of funky beats, intelligent, clever and fun lyrics with big bass maiking the craft enjoyable once again! You will hear many influences from many genres of hip hop and not one song will sound like the other, that’s a promise!!

This is only the beginning for DJ 151 as he is already in preparation for his second album titled “The Next Vintage”
He has worked diligently creating original scores in his studio AREA 151 and is working with many new artists and more greats such as Merkules, JC Subliminal and Alex Cruz to name a few!

So sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy a complete musical journey made with passion, respect and hard work!!

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