BREVNER – Somebody Like Me ft. Brandon Gregora ***OFFICIAL HQ***

Music video by BREVNER & Brandon Gregora performing “Somebody like me” © 2018 bsharp productions.
the “FACES” lp available internationally on Spotify, Apple Music & Tidal June 7, 2018.

FB : https://www.facebook.com/Brevner/
TW : @mattbrevner

Director – Aaron Mallin
IG: @theamallin

Director of photography – Jeremy Cox
IG: _jeremycox

Produced by BREVNER / NDT / B. Gregora


Special thanks to Eleni Balomenos Nathan Beswick, Konrad Oldmoney, and Adrian Asuncion.


Verse 1

Every time I come back to the city
hits me up she say she miss me
baby girl who you kidding?
swear that she’s thinking different,
I could make a difference,
told those ones to listen…
cut them off once they switch
now i just look and laugh
my direction is the cash
the connection here is bad
on these drugs it makes me laugh
don’t think i’ll ever go back
don’t want to ever go back


You need somebody like me X4

Verse 2 

You need somebody to hold you
Somebody to love you
Someone to say that I told you
Someone to trust you
Somebody to fuck you
Hard like an animal, to hold you accountable
Be more than casual, something thats valuable
Girl its only natural
Lets smoke some botanicals
Piff got me high as a kite 
My baby fly as a kite
Shorty we riding tonight
And we getting high as we like
Lets go wherever you want
Baby im down for a flight
Paris for breakfast croissants
And Berlin for schnitzel at night
Shorty how does that sound?
Sex in suites that overlook the beach until we pass out
Prosciutto pizza smoking fine hashisha in a bath towel
Room service, listen girl you worth it
You make me too nervous, like what is my true purpose?
I don’t know know who’s perfect but….


This project is funded in part by CREATIVE BC

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