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bbno$ drops a project later this week (July 6th) tiled ‘bbsteps’. We caught up with him by phone recently to discuss the project while he was biking home from downtown.

HHV: You were touring America throughout the month of April. How did you swing that while in school?

Honestly, it just worked out in my favor. I had finals, but after the last one I flew home, ate a dinner, fell asleep, went straight on tour and as soon as I woke up. When I completed the tour I got back I went straight back to school, it was MISERABLE. Originally the tour started on the 4th but that was when exams where supposed to start…It was pretty much a fluke… you know, luck of the draw.

HHV: Are you finished exams?

I’m taking one more course. Psych 101. I was expecting it to be a dog course which means it was supposed to be easy but its low-key not chill at all and it really pisses me off, the reasoning behind this is probably how it is accelerated as it is a summer class, either that or I just don;t give a shit anymore. I should have taken Spanish 101, heard that is an easy one. My last test ever is hopefully June 27th. I’m working at a Chiro clinic for my practicum/ intership, it’s pretty cool seeing another potential career in front of my eyes. But fingers crossed and as of June 27th I will be a full time rapper!

What’s the plan immediately following your last one?

Call mom and dad, go straight to a bar and get obliterated, college shit you know. But realistically go home and make music hahaaha then drop my album on the 6th.

A couple weeks back I saw you perform in the basement of Celebrities. So Loki, Angst and Bains were there too. Do you know those other acts?

I know most people in Vancouver. Its such a tight knit scene. It’s a great vibe but just not big enough you know, I wish more Vancouver would come to local events. For instance, the local demographic here in Kits doesn’t know anything more than their local bars and local music you know. But it is a good scene cause everyone there that night was so welcoming, so down and in the scene. The city is a great vibe just not big enough I suppose, I think we need a sports team to put this place on the map.

What can you tell us about your album that drops later this month?

It doesn’t have any context. None of my music really does. It’s just me having fun, if you call that a context then, yeah that. Its a collection of the best songs in the last 6/7 months that I have made. I’ve never released a real project before so I’m treating it like my debut. I finally have a fanbase coming along where I believed doing singles until my point in my career was the only logical way of releasing, if nobody knows you why would they care for an album you know? I think doing a ‘project’ will be a good look for me. It’s about 30 mins long. Its not like a bullshit 2 mins per song kinda thing its a real project I think. I’ve got So Loki , Juelz, Lentra Producing and a feature from the dudes TrippyThaKid, Dbangz and Bains, Bains is on a super sick song, goofy sick. We just filmed a hilarious music video to it also.

The track you two performed at Celebrities?

Yeah that one! I didn’t even remember the lyrics, who does that its 2018 haha. The sound dropped out and I couldn’t hear anything, not sure why that happened but it was probably cause how messy my set was. But do I ever love that song.

How long did it take you to learn how to produce?

I started making music in like beginning of 2015, I think. Thats is when I originally began creating. I started taking it seriously in Sept/Oct 2015 where i released some heartbroken love story shit 2 albums in a month getting over some emotional noise. And then after that I started learning how to produce to the point where the beats were actually listenable in Dec 2015.

What about you are people gravitating towards.

This one has been hard and confusing for my self cause I have an actually fan base. So clearly I am doing something relatively right, people are viewing and watching me, but why? Why is it, is it due to my aesthetic or is it just my music, I have no idea. The only explanation I think is cause I am just a dude chilling and people can relate to just a dude chilling, if that makes sense? I think they can see I’m not really putting on an act and I am just an average guy who decided to dedicate his free time to a hobby/passion and I have a constant stream of music.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Vancouver?

Shit dude that’s hard … Pho at 41st and Arbutus, Pho Tan. It’s a Pho place, the 16 large..a coconut curry with chicken or beef hits so hard, its like a soup but just tastes like curry but soup based hahahahahahha. It is phenomenal. They have a Viet sandwich its like $5. Easily one of the best sandwichs in Vancouver. Meat and Bread is pretty good too, jukes chicken for some fried chicken.

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