AzraelRapsGood x The Dirty Sample – DIRTY DROPS OF MUD

For the first single for his upcoming album, Content, partnered with The Dirty Sample on production, AzraelRapsGood has updated his software and is wired in. “Dirty Drops of Mud” is a gritty ditty built on witty wordplay and multi-layered punchlines that are delivered rapid fire, each concept evolving effortlessly into the next. The song is a lyrical showcase, and it’s immediately evident that Azrael raps good. And The Dirty Sample’s beat is also true to his name and the song’s, opening with a a muddy bass line beneath a dominating few repeated guitar notes as if someone might be tuning their instrument, and then the drums kick in—heavy! With their first single, the duo make a splash and now you have dirty drops of mud on your nice outfit.

The accompanying video produced by ARG Vidz has Azrael late night loitering, kicking his raps at some of his favourite 24 hour spots on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC.


video edited by ARG Vidz
camera by Mad Max

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