A$AP +Tyler Tour at Roger’s Arena


Written By: Allie Samborn

The Rocky and Tyler tour hit Vancouver last night, which for any hip-hop fans should’ve been the event of the month. Instead, fans were treated to a short-lived show with fairly lackluster sound.

Kicking off the eve was Vince Staples who, despite having to deal with the already dismal sound and zero stage decoration, actually slammed through his set with all the energy you’d expect from a headliner. Getting the crowd up and at ’em and getting his name out there, Vince was arguably one of the night’s highpoints.

Similarly, the other opener, Danny Brown had his trademark zany antics and personality front and center during his set, laying down track after track to a fairly stoked crowd. Both Danny and Vince got the crowd primed for the first of the two headliners, Tyler the Creator, starting the night on track for a potentially stellar show.

Tyler hit the stage as the first of the two headliners with all the performing energy he’s famous for. With the most interesting set list, musical ideas and lyrics (though no one could hear them) it’s a shame Tyler felt the need to simulate sex and masturbation on pretty much anything – the air, a security guard’s head and the PA system. Despite that, Tyler rocked out with a studded set list including “Deathcamp”, “Tron Cat” and “Jamba” before demanding a fan “Stop eating! We’re gonna get nasty” as he launched into “Domo 23.” It can’t be denied that out of the headers on this tour and his entire Odd Future posse, Tyler’s talent and lyrics are unparalleled, though it was his commentary throughout the night that seemed to dumb down his impressive musical talents: “You have nice t*tt*es. Thanks for coming.”

asaprocky vancouver

If the completely empty, deserted and darkened third level of Roger’s Arena was any indication of the health of the hip-hop last night, there was no question of a prognosis once A$AP took the stage. A$AP came out amidst smoke and lights onto a set of multi-level platforms and blazed through the first few tracks of his set list (through a still struggling sound system) before dedicating the slow jam, and best performed track of the night, “L$D” to “all the trippy mother f*ckers.” Rolling through other favorites such as “Hella Hoes”, “Goldie” and “Electric Body”, A$AP kept threatening to get it “turnt up.” He demanded a mosh pit for “Wild for the Night” which the aggressive and fist-fight riddled crowd was more than pleased to oblige. Though just as the crowd was getting primed to get it turned all the way up, A$AP began to say his goodbyes. Amid the confusion and questions of why his set was a mere 25 minutes, A$AP touched us all with his appreciation of “Vancouver’s fine b*tches and weed.” Maybe next time he comes, he’ll come for more than chicks and dope and play for a shocking thirty minutes.

If you were left wanting more from Rocky, watch our footage from his performance at Squamish Festival this summer!

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