HHV Recap | Breakout Festival 2019 – Day 2

Written By: Qazi Tariq Photos: David Dalley Another year, another review, for another incredible weekend. This is the second annual summer Breakout Festival and the third event produced by Timbre Concerts & Crescendo1, following Winter Breakout last December. Like the previous two instalments, the weekend featured Vancouver talent like Ankle God and Illyminiachi sharing the … Read more

Snoop Vancouver banner

Snoop Dogg & Friends Tour

Words: John Zee – @johnzee23 Pictures: Ronan Considine – @soundflashphotography In all actuality, my review of the recent Snoop Dogg and BTNH show at Rogers Arena could easily be summed up in three simple words… Vancouver : Loves : Snoop. However I will elaborate on why I believe this to be true. The Snoop Dogg, … Read more